LITH, the positive best friend that fits into your hands everywhere you go.

We are building resilience in African university students and we are helping them reach their highest potentials.

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Who We Are

We are a mighty team dedicated to improving the mental health of University students in Africa.

We’re on a mission to change the face of mental health in Africa. Our work is inspired by the satisfaction we get from empowering individuals and positively impacting lives. We want to centralize the focus back to the individual, giving the student the chance to monitor his/her own life. Ultimately, we are designing a positive best friend that fits into the hands of the student wherever he/she goes.

Lindiwe Mutungamiri



Lindiwe Mutungamiri is the co-founder of Lith and a second year Computer Science undergraduate at Ashesi University, where she develops and leads computer science and entrepreneurship-based projects. She describes herself as a creative disruptor and an innovative entrepreneur.

Lindiwe has developed the Nyika Clinic Management System while she was in high school. She has been an intern with Baobab at Arizona State University in USA under the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship. She has won the Ubora Rising Star Award which is awarded to a freshman or sophomore who has shown initiative, drive, leadership, and has created impact at Ashesi.

When she is not challenging the existing systems in the world to introduce a new technology in health era that will positively impact lives towards the Sustainable Development Goals, she can be found captaining the Ashesi Women’s Volleyball Team, reading a book, or travelling to new places.

Jewel Thompson



Jewel Thompson is the Co-Founder of Lith and an Assistant Lecturer at Ashesi University, where she teaches a first-year course entitled foundations of design and entrepreneurship and a business elective on social enterprise. She is the incubator manager for the Ashesi Venture Incubator, a one-year business incubator that supports recent graduates helping them to de-risk the entrepreneurial journey and develop businesses that create social impact. AVI is a part of the NEXT (New Entrepreneurs Xchange for Transformation) Idea to Impact Project a collaboration between Ashesi and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) D-Lab. She also leads the innovation lab at the Design and Technology Institute in Accra.
Additionally, Ms. Thompson developed and co-chaired the Young African Leaders Conference, from this she continued to create programming geared towards the empowerment of young African millennials in the city of Atlanta prior to moving to Ghana. She was Curator and former membership chair for the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Atlanta Hub. Most recently speaking on value driven partnerships at the ACM convening at the World Economic Forum headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.
She has been awarded with the YNPN and Georgia Center for Non-Profits 30 Under 30 Award, the Power 30 Under 30 Atlanta for her work in community service, Apinke Magazine Young Community Leader Award, the Miss Africa Humanitarian Award and is the former Miss Ghana Georgia. She is a lover of the arts and its intersection with technology and is committed to developing leadership programs for emerging youth.
When she not helping entrepreneurs to build and design “good” businesses she can be found reading a good book while attempting to train her unruly puppy.

Diane Davis (Auntie Dee)

Counsellor and Coach


Diane Davis (affectionately called Aunty Dee) is the Director of Coaching and Counselling at Ashesi University, where she coordinates, leads and supervises a dedicated staff comprised of a Coach, Licensed Psychologist and an Academic Advisor.

Aunty Dee has worked as a Psychotherapist for over twenty (20) years in addition to teaching Counseling and Psychology courses at a Community College in the USA. She has spent her entire professional life, helping young adults to create value out of their current situations and overcome obstacles that can act as a barrier to success.

When she is not Counselling, she can be found enjoying the beach, traveling to new places and dancing.

Salim Wangabi



M.Salim S.Wangabi is a Clinical Psychologist at Ashesi University, where Salim helps students manage stress, mood difficulties and coping with traumatic change. Salim uses a wide range of psychotherapeutic interventions such as motivational interview, psychoeducation, Dialectic behaviour therapy, CBT etc. to treat depressions, anxiety, substance use disorders and other psychological disorders.

Salim has worked with general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and cooperate institutions in and outside Ghana where he helped develop stress management techniques to help improve mental wellness. He has worked with clients from different gender, sexuality and age groups to resolve their challenges.

Salim helps clients identify maladaptive behaviour patterns as well as identify past experience to create insight and start the change process in order to prevent mental health disorders. When he is not counselling, Salim can be found listening to music, reading, and debating.

What We Do

We hope to provide a centralised platform for solving mental health problems.

We hope to provide a centralised platform for solving mental health problems such as major depressive disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, self-image issues etc. among college students. Ultimately, we are designing a positive “best friend” to fit into the hands of the student wherever he/she goes.

Our App

The idea behind Lith is to use a centralized technology system to curb depression in African University students.

Lith provides a centralized platform for solving problems such as major depressive disorder, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-image issues in University students. If you have no time to go for your counselling session or you’re in too much destress, you can use Lith to reach a therapist anytime, anywhere.

The system issues push notifications to suggest behavioural changes, activities, and positive messaging to help improve the overall mental well-being of the user. Lith is also using the social network concept to boost personal growth and to make it more centralized to solve mental health issues.

The app is equipped with licenced therapists that are available for the students to chat with in the event the student needs an additional layer of support. Unlike any other mental health apps, Lith has support groups moderated by our A.I systems to provide maximum support for the student’s mental health.

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